How to Update Your HUANANZHI Motherboard BIOS?

How to Update Your HUANANZHI Motherboard BIOS?

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Note: Flashing the BIOS is risky. This article only provides steps to update the BIOS. It is not recommended that you upgrade by yourself. Please check the surrounding power supply environment to ensure that the machine will not be powered off suddenly.

1. Prepare a USB flash drive and use Rufus and other software to create FreeDOS.


2. Go to to download the BIOS of your motherboard model.


3. Decompress the downloaded BIOS file and place the file in the U disk.


4. Insert the flash drive into the USB2.0 slot and restart the computer.


5. Press "F7" to select boot from USB flash drive.

6. After entering FreeDOS, press "X" to refresh. (Do not restart, power off, remove any USB devices, press keyboard and mouse during refresh operation)

7. After refreshing is complete, press "Ctrl+Alt+Delete" to restart the computer.

#The computer will restart twice after refreshing