How to install an Intel or AMD cpu in desktop computer.

How to install an Intel or AMD cpu in desktop computer.

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The installation methods of all CPUs are basically the same, Both the CPU and the CPU slot have error-proof design, Just align the groove on the CPU with the protrusion in the socket, Completely install the CPU by gently lowering and closing the load board, Let’s take a look at the actual steps below:

The following instructions assume that the CPU to be installed and the CPU heat sink are compatible and can work normally. And cooperate with the correct heat sink installation method. Please note that due to differences in electrical, mechanical and keying, These CPUs are incompatible between different sockets.

1. Push down the lever of the socket to release the load plate and lift it.


2. Open the load board


3. When removing the socket protective cover from the load board, please keep it properly and do not discard the protective cover. If the CPU is removed from the socket, be sure to replace the protective cover.


Some Mainboard socket protective covers are designed differently, but they can be removed when the load board is opened.

4. Do not touch the socket contacts or the bottom of the CPU.


5. Please be careful to use your thumb and index finger with your dominant hand from both sides of the CPU to ensure that the socket protrusions are aligned with the CPU grooves. Lower the CPU vertically without tilting or sliding the CPU in the socket. Just gently put the CPU into the socket until the CPU falls flat into the socket.


6. Press down the load board and insert the load board buckle into the fixing point, close and engage the socket lever. (The force required to close the load board is very small)