Faspeed P4 DDR4

Focus on creation and inspire creativity
Add reliable Faspeed memory and feel productivity gains; quickly edit images and movies, quickly multitask between programs, and show off your creativity.

Extremely stable
Using 100% testing of high-quality components, strictly controlling the manufacturing process and product testing, Faspeed brings a new option for value-for-money expansion – P4 DDR4

Energy efficient
FBGA packaged particles, working frequency up to 2666MHz, 1.35V working voltage, energy saving while reducing the heat generated by the product itself, maintaining the stability of the ambient temperature of the system


Faspeed P4

Environmentally friendly, low power consumption.
30 micro-inch highly anti-wear “gold finger” for better wear resistance and longer service life.


P4 Series

Name of partP4-4GP4-8GP4-16G
Suitable computerDesktop computerDesktop computerDesktop computer
Speed2400 MHz2666 MHz2666 MHz
Operating Voltage1.35V1.35V1.35V
Number of Pins260 Pin260 Pin260 Pin
WarrantyProvide warranty replacement service within 36 months.Provide warranty replacement service within 36 months.Provide warranty replacement service within 36 months.


  1. Quality:Taiwan’s research and development, the most rigorous testing environment, beyond the EU quality certification.
    Before purchasing Faspeed products, please check the store for the original Factory authorization certificate. In order to prevent counterfeit and shoddy manufacturers from entering, please make sure the product have the certificate.
  2. Warranty:Warranty replacement within 36 months (In the event of a failure within the scope of the warranty, we will take back the original product. And replace the same model with qualified quality function to the customer.)
  3. Please go to the serial number enquiry area to check the warranty and genuine verification.
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