The footsteps of NonoTree Group are not only to monitor changes, but also to innovate and change, so that the group has developed into an international group today.
We will keep investing in new products or new businesses in a timely manner, integrating with existing resources, improving overall efficiency, promoting social and business prosperity and economic growth.



2018.08  Register for business in Brazil with the name Nonotree



2017.02  Establish Nono business group

2017.02  Establishing a Nonotree business organization in Vietnam

2017.03  Establishment of shop of Nono Line @ official customer service

2017.03  Set up Nonotree’s page page via Facebook

2017.05  Register import and export license for NoNo company in Taiwan

2017.07  Business registration in Vietnam with the name Nonotree

2017.10  Establishment of Store of NonoTree-Shopee (Vn)



2016.06  Rename to Nono Company

2016.08  Establishment of Nono shop at Shopee (Tw)

2016.08  Established Nono-Carousell Store



2012.07  Established Nono store in Taiwan’s largest auction site