Faspeed and SMI released the flagship solid state hard drive of the “Master Mi Series” to conquer all disobedient.

Faspeed and SMI released the flagship solid state hard drive of the “Master Mi Series” to conquer all disobedient.

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Science and technology media reporters interviewed Famaster’s founder Master Mi – “Faspeed brand’s attack path – shipments from 20K to 100K”

The author was impressed with the slogan of Faspeed’s speech background – “For the solid state, we are Very serious.”

This time, on May 10th, we are going to report that Faspeed is under the Powerful combination with SMI. The latest flagship high-end series, the Master Mi series, was released with the slogan “To conquer, all dissatisfied”. At the 10th Midwest IT Product Expo at Consumer Electronics Show.

Experience the “to conquer, all dissatisfied” this extremely domineering slogan,

the core is precisely because of “disobedience”!

So what are you dissatisfied with?

Do not want to obey the power of international brands, leading to the vicious cycle of traditional brands falling into a cost-reducing war and entrepreneurship. Do not want to obey the traditional brand step by step to the cost control (COST DOWN), reputation is lost, and then can only sell cheaper than cheaper, into the next round of more bottomless cost control. And do not want to obey the efforts of many traditional brands, do not be trusted and accepted when doing a good job of products. Those things are the Faspeed founder Master Mi do not want to obey.

Therefore, Faspeed focused on SSD 11 years of Master Mi dissatisfaction, to jump out of the price war deformity, to win the respect for Faspeed with better products and services, and the market is also owed to Faspeed.And these are also Faspeed’s “dissatisfaction, it is necessary to conquer.”

How to conquer – speed faster, design a little more. What to conquer – the quality is stable and the warranty is longer.

“Those a little more very different”

He Haichang introduced, for this reason, Faspeed released a new “Master Mi” flagship series. The new rice master series, with SATA port full line with DDR cache, continuous reading breaks through 500MB/s, continuous writing breaks through 480MB/s, AS SSD breaks through 1000 into the standard.

In the NVME (PCI-E) series, the continuous reading exceeded 3200MB/s, the continuous writing exceeded 2800MB/s, and the AS SSD exceeded 4000. The Faspeed Masters series features an external erection buffer and overvoltage protection design and high quality wafers.

In order to keep the quality steady, Faspeed Master has to pay the test standard of abnormal level.

Most of the high-end players like it, and can best reflect the sincerity of the brand, and the most distinguishable and practical to make the brand and play the ticket, is the warranty. For this, the Mi Master series also gave a six-year renewal commitment to the fullest!

Master Mi has opened a new journey of the Faspeed brand high-end model with “to conquer all dissatisfaction”!

After the brand new Master of Fines was introduced by the Faspeed brand director. Liu Kunwang, the chairman of ASolid Technology, also came to the stage to congratulate and support the Faspeed brand and the newly released Mi Master series. In fact, Faspeed is in the field of industrial control, and the high quality of nearly zero repair is from the upstream support.

SMI’s beauty account manager also took the stage and said that she fully supports Faspeed’s Mi Master series, and that the SSD performance and quality of Faspeed’s Mi Master series can be compared with Intel, Samsung, Micron and other original manufacturers.

Finally, the finale is Faspeed founder Mi Master himself. Mi Master’s introduction to the mountain, why is the name of Faspeed’s flagship series named after his “name”? The founder named the product with his own name. It is the complete binding of the individual’s reputation to the product, and this is a commitment to quality and service.