1.0 Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to set up the warranty and service policy of Nonotree products for distributors and agents to reference while handling RMA cases. These procedures are for: 1) the reduction of RMA costs resulting from misjudgments, and 2) facilitating quicker response times to increase customer satisfaction.

2.0 Scope

This policy applies to all products sold by Nonotree and registered in the warranty system.

3.0 Definition

3.1 DOA ( Dead on Arrival ): Within 15 days from the day after the date of shipment, the product fails under normal use within the warranty period, and it is natural damage (non-human damage) tested by the original factory.

3.2 RMA ( Returned Material Authorization ) : During the warranty period, customers have the right to repair products for free.

4.0 Procedure

4.1 Warranty & Service policy

4.1.1 Warranty All Nonotree products have a three-year conditional warranty. This limited warranty clause only applies to products sold in the authorized area of Nonotree, and does not include consumables, accessories and softwares provided with the product. All products sold by Nonotree are attached with proofs such as stickers, marks, warranty cards or stamps with the complete product serial number made by “Nonotree”. If the consumer cannot provide a valid warranty certificate corresponding to the product, Nonotree has the right to consider it  exceeded the warranty period and has the right not to provide warranty services. Within 15 days from the day after the date of shipment (the seller can inform and extend to 25 days if it encounters force majeure), if the product fails under normal use by the buyer; or cannot be turned on after the test; or the product cannot be working normally after the test, and It is natural damage (non-human damage) after the original factory test,  it will be regarded as a DOA product.

4.1.2 Service during DOA Period After the DOA product has been tested, it will not be replaced if the function is normal, and the cost of shipping the product with normal function will be borne by the customer. Products returned by DOA should be kept in the original packaging and the accessories must be complete (such as cables, CDs, and manuals), otherwise it will be considered RMA products.


4.1.3 Service during RMA Period During the warranty period, RMA’s repair fee and parts fee are completely free, but if the defect is caused by the customer’s improper use, the repair fee will be charged (parts fees will be charged separately). During the warranty period, when shipping RMA products back to Nonotree for warranty renewal, the customer shall afford the round-trip shipping fee for repairing the product and the tax for returning to the original sender. If the product is returned to Nonotree for repair or replacement After the warranty period has expired, the customer shall afford the return shipping fee for the repaired product and the tax for returning to the original sender.

4.1.4 Not within the scope of free repairing or replacement If the following situations occur during the use of the product, it is not within the scope of free maintenance or replacement:

1.Disassemble, repair, or send the product to an unofficial maintenance location for inspection and maintenance.

2.Unable to prove the warranty period or exceed the product warranty period.

3.The cause of unrepairable situations such as damage or loss of motherboard parts is due to human carelessness.

4.The serial number label of the product is missing or damaged, which makes the serial number unidentifiable and the product does not match.

5.Unpredictable factors such as abnormal physical pressure, electromagnetic interference, unstable power supply, and electrostatic interference.

6.Abnormal use or environment which causes negative impact such as scratches, distortions, corrosion, rust, oxidation, breakage of circuit boards or components.

7.Damages caused by natural disasters (floods, fires, lightning strikes, earthquakes, typhoons, etc.) Force majeure are not within the warranty period.