When the Nonotree Group was established, colleagues around the world regularly and spontaneously focused on local social issues.We uphold the belief that “enterprise must shoulder social responsibility, create value and improve society” and put it into action.

In 2018

In cooperation with Master Mark in 2018, he called on the public to pay attention to the issue of partial education.Actually involved in the operation, and 20 to 30 caring volunteers sent 4,800 people to the remote rivers and mountains in the north of Vietnam.It is necessary to let the poor children in remote areas spend the winter and let the children feel more love and care.

In 2019


In 2020

In accordance with international regulations, customer needs and environmental protection trends, we promote a green product plan, and focus on “compliance with environmental protection standards and requirements” when innovating products.
Reduce the amount of “environmentally hazardous substances” in products. Implement it in the production, sales, promotion, transportation, and maintenance processes.
Make products comply with RoHS, CE, EMI and other international regulations.